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April 2014 Submission Stats

During the month of April, we received a total of 224 submissions. Here’s the daily breakdown:

bartleby snopes submission stats

Of the 224 submissions, we accepted 7 of them. Our April acceptance rate was 3.13%, up a full percentage point over March.

bartleby submission stats aprilOur “with feedback” categories continue to be our most popular. We’re not really sure why almost 30% of our submitters request no feedback. Our response time tends to be about the same regardless of category (flash novels excluded). Our acceptance rate tends to be a little higher in the “with feedback” categories. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions regarding what this means.

Of the stories we rejected, the primary offenses were still undeveloped and anecdote. A handful of submissions blatantly disregarded our submission guidelines, which we think are pretty clear.

We did notice two promising trends:

1. On the whole, the quality of submissions went up this month.

2. We didn’t receive as many stories that ended with violent, inexplicable deaths.

We’re not sure why this is the case. Maybe it’s because the weather is a little better now. Maybe it’s because writers had more time to spend on their craft without worrying about AWP. Whatever the case, we hope it continues.

Now go send us your best fiction.

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  1. Great, Nate -thank you for compiling this.

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