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  1. With the plethora of submissions many publications receive, I suspect they look for any “excuse” to disqualify a submission. So if it doesn’t meet some minutiae of their requirements, they can discard it out of hand. Am I wrong? Perhaps. But if it means that an otherwise worthy story never gets considered because it didn’t include smart quotes or some such nonsense, then I think the editors are just being capricious. Of course, i could be wrong (but that rarely happens).

    • Paul, thank you for commenting. I don’t think there are too many publications that look for petty reasons to reject submissions (although I am sure it does happen). Blatant disregard for submission guidelines certainly can lead to rejection though.

      When someone submits a piece that isn’t double spaced to us, we return it and request they resubmit it (we never reject it outright because of the formatting, but we do ask them to fix it before we will consider it). It’s not really about being sticklers for the guidelines. Some of our editors simply have trouble reading stories on the computer screen if they aren’t double spaced.

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