For the past six years, we have been publishing two stories per week, running a Story of the Month contest, hosting a Dialogue Contest, and releasing two PDF/print anthologies per year (as well as the occasional special project). We also recently began publishing single-author flash novels.

Up until now, we have not been able to pay regular contributors to the online magazine. That is about to change.

We aren’t complete strangers to compensating our writers. Our special project authors receive a $5 token payment. We have been fortunate enough to provide our anthology authors with print copies for the past two issues, and we will continue to do this. We also offer 60% royalties to our flash novelists. And, of course, our Dialogue Contest winners have taken advantage of large prize purses (this year’s is almost $2400).

Bartleby Snopes does not pay its editors. Like most other literary magazines, we work without monetary compensation. When we run into extra money, we want to invest it back into the writing community.

Now, we want to extend our writer contributions even further. Please help us decide how we should pay our writers:

Nathaniel Tower

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