Here you will find the latest information regarding the prize money for our 6th Annual Dialogue Contest. Submissions close on September 15th.

Entries are now closed. Here is the final prize money update. We hope to respond to all submissions by September 20th to give writers enough time for resubmissions. If you don’t receive a response by then, assume you are in the top 5.

Update (10/3): We have selected our five finalists. If you have not received a response in Submittable, then your story has been chosen as a finalist. For the sake of contest integrity, we are unable to notify our finalists directly until all internal voting is completed. Please log in to your Submittable account and check the status of your submission. If your submission is “In-Progress” then you are a finalist.

Submissions Received: 426
Re-Submissions Received: 213

Final Prize Money:

Total Prize Purse: $2380

1st: $1428
2nd: $476
3rd: $238
4th: $124
5th: $114

Explanation of Prize Structure:

1st Prize: $300 minimum + $3 for every entry over 50
2nd Prize: $100 minimum + $1 for every entry over 50
3rd Prize: $50 minimum + $1 for every two entries over 50
4th Prize: $30 minimum + $1 for every 4 entries over 50
5th Prize: $20 minimum + $1 for every 4 entries over 50

Find more details on our Contest Page

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