If you’re an editor these days, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. That sounds like one of those clichés we tell writers to avoid, but it’s true.

Exhibit A: Response Time

response time

Exhibit B: Response Type

personal rejection

Whether our responses are fast or slow, personal or form, there are writers who will complain. As editors, the best we can do is follow our instincts and ignore the hate. Most of the writers out there are trying hard to do the right things; don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole process.

Note: Artwork by Henry Sinclair.

Henry Sinclair lives in Guilford, Connecticut and is a third year student at Guilford High School. Henry crafts technological masterpieces with recyclable materials he finds from his favorite hobby, dumpster diving. After he graduates, Henry plans to study electrical engineering.  He’s been drawing comic strips since age 5.

Nathaniel Tower

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