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Everything October Themed Issue Now Open for Submissions

This October, we are releasing our first-ever themed issue. The theme: Everything October.

What do we mean by “Everything October”? We mean if it relates to October (Fall, October, Walpurgisnacht, Halloween), then we want to read it.

We’re still publishing two stories a week. We’re still having a story of the month contest. We still want good stories (that are double-spaced).

Oh, and we’re paying $5 for every accepted story. Keep reading. It gets better.


  • Double-spaced
  • 3000 word maximum
  • Must somehow relate to Fall, October, Walpurgisnacht, Halloween

What we want:

  • Quality stories with developed characters

What we don’t want:

  • Graphic horror
  • Cliche Grim Reaper stories
  • Ghoulish Erotica
  • Previously published stuff
  • Satire pieces about pumpkin-flavored things or “basic white girls” (if you don’t know what we’re talking about, then you are probably in the clear)
  • Multiple submissions (you can attach one story and one piece of artwork)

We wouldn’t mind seeing a story in which Death makes a pie. What kind of pie? You decide. Not pumpkin. And there better be a story somewhere in there.

For the most part, you should still stick to our standard guidelines, but we’re definitely open to just about everything (except for bad writing and cliche stories).

Like we said, you get $5 if we accept your story. All payments will be issued via Paypal within one week of publication. If Paypal doesn’t work, we’ll send you a copy of one of our flash novels.

If you win the Story of the Month contest (as chosen by the readers), you will get an additional $25.

To make it even more fun, submit original artwork with your story and get $10 instead of $5 (if we accept it). You must own all rights to the story and the artwork.

Got questions? Then just submit your story anyway. The worst we can do is reject it.

Send us your October stories today.


Nathaniel Tower

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  1. This October-themed issue sounds interesting. I’m a bit busy this month but if there are other month-themed calls for submissions, I’d be glad to write something for them. It would be especially nice to write a non-Christmas story for December to buck the trend of sappy stories.

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